Why choose a ceiling fan

Benefits and Savings Across the Board

All fans belonging to our “Original Antique Pieces” Fantique collection assure an efficient and healthy level of coolness and moreover, when combined with an air-conditioning system, optimize the air circulation, drastically cutting down the energy consumption. In wintertime, if switched on at a low speed, they push the warm air (which naturally tends to rise) downwards, thus creating savings on heating and improving general well-being.

When it’s hot out

How can a fan help our body’s system to fight the heat?

Our body’s system reacts to the different weather conditions contracting or expanding the blood vessels to regulate the skin temperature.
But when the heat increases beyond normal levels, other processes kick in, accelerating the heat exchange between man and his environment: convection between the skin and the surrounding air, as well as evaporation of the sweat secreted by the sweat glands. The best way to promote such processes is to generate an air movement around the body: in the presence of ventilation, our skin dissipates the excess heat, in a natural way.
On summer nights, who hasn’t tossed and turned in bed without being able to fall asleep because of the stifling heat? And then you were slow, irritable and tired for the rest of the day…The solution is simple: a ceiling fan, even when spinning at a low speed, releases a very pleasant breeze that favors or better, invites, a refreshing sleep.

How can a fan improve the effectiveness of air conditioning?

Combined with a fan, which creates a microclimate of fresh air, air conditioning systems can run at lower levels, reducing energy consumption and can safeguard our health. In fact, air conditioning, without good circulation, can become a double-edged sword by producing a series of ailments, such as headaches, muscle cramps, colds or even bronchitis or pneumonia.

More efficiency and lower costs

There are many types of settings with high ceilings, from lofts to old palaces, commercial warehouses, gyms, churches, theaters, hangars, storage spaces, libraries, etc. When these spaces are heated, the hot air, which is lighter than cold air, rises quickly in layers, creating a temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling which can even range by 13°C. Heat tends to diffuse towards the exterior, through the windows, cracks in insulation and from the window frames themselves. When the heating thermostat reads a constant lowering of temperature at shoulder height, it creates extra work for the heating system and a waste of energy and money. Wherever there is a difference in temperature between the floor and ceiling of over 3° C, the only solution which allows even distribution of heat is installing one or more ceiling fans to bring the hot air back down, thus keeping the temperature constant at shoulder height. The economic savings is so evident that the cost of a rational ceiling fan system can be recuperated in the first years of use.



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