Marelli Maestralino - Italy - 1915


The first Italian ceiling fan manufacturer was Ercole Marelli, in Milan, starting its industrial adventure in 1891 with the production of the so-called “electrical air agitators “. At the time, the most popular ceiling fans – most of them American – were both very big and heavy. Marelli built instead a series of alternating-current fans, which were lighter, more elegant and practical, and most of all, more suitable for a domestic use. Its business success was immediate, and within a few years Marelli became one of the largest fan manufacturers in the world.
Around 1910, Marelli released the Maestralino model , which soon became the most representative and efficient ceiling fan of the early ‘900. The Maestralino fan was manufactured in many different versions and diameters, with 3 or 4 blades, and exported worldwide (mostly in the British Empire’s Colonies) for decades.


Model Country Year Blade nr. Diam. Power Weight
Maestralino Minor Italy 1915 3 90 cm 50 watts 6 kg
Maestralino Junior Italy 1915 3 110 cm 70 watts 8 kg
Maestralino Half CLSD Italy 1915 3 150 cm 90 watts 18 kg
Maestralino CLSD Italy 1915 3 150 cm 90 watts 18 kg
Maestralino con Luce Italy 1915 3 150 cm 90 watts 18 kg
Maestralino Flower Italy 1905 3 150 cm 90 watts 18 kg

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