Reassembly and testing

Testing the alignment and aerodynamic lift of the blades

Once the motor is remounted according to the original assembly instructions, the blades are fixed to the motor body by support rods and then we pass to the final phase, the alignment. At this point, technology takes the place of handskills. Once the exact inclination of the blades has been measured and verified to be at both the right horizontal and vertical positions through an ad hoc system through the combined use of an electronic speed indicator and lead weights, the rotating parts are perfectly aligned to avoid oscillations of the motor. Following this, through a special electronic anemometer which indicates the actual aerodynamic lift, we verify the quantity of air propelled to ensure it is in accordance with the technical characteristics of the original fan.

Motor testing

After the alignment and measurement of the aerodynamic lift, we carry out all testing to verify that the motor corresponds to the required standards. Each fan is connected to a sophisticated mechanism produced by Microline, the MP500, which measures and furnishes all the necessary electrical data regarding the motor’s functioning, such as power, voltage, coefficient of the power factor, insulation, dielectric rigidity and the number of revolutions.

Silence testing

We use a device which we invented, which is connected to our specially created software, which reads the sound coefficient in decibels : this is a process which hasn’t been used since the early 1900’s, but which we consider necessary to demonstrate that antique fans are just as silent as those of the last generation.

Testing and endurance

That isn’t all, once we’ve carried out these verifications, the fan is further left running at top speed for at least 5 hours and only after positive results from another verification of all the parameters after such intensive use, is the fan packaged for delivery.



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