The blades

The blades of the old fans, almost always in wood, are the elements which take the most wear, and in fact, it is quite common to find them severely damaged or rebuilt in an awkward fashion (at times also in metal).

In this case, we have to replace the blades to bring the fan back to its original aerodynamic efficiency.

Rebuilding the blades follows the same procedure as in the early 1900’s: 3 layers of high-quality 2 mm solid wood veneer sheets are glued together and held in our special molding press, which we researched from old factory archives and rebuilt, and which vary according to the type of fan model.

Once these are dry, the form of the blades is hand-cut to the form of the model requested, using band saws and orbiting hand sanders to reach the precise aerodynamic form of the original design.

In order to protect the blades and valorize the natural grain, we next pass to the phase of French polishing, using the same methods used for restoring antique furniture.

The models we offer for exterior installment are protected with special protective varnishes.



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