Marelli Flat - Italy - 1925


The first Italian ceiling fan manufacturer was Ercole Marelli, in Milan, starting its industrial adventure in 1891 with the production of the so-called “electrical air agitators “. At the time, the most popular ceiling fans – most of them American – were both very big and heavy. Marelli built instead a series of alternating-current fans, which were lighter, more elegant and practical, and most of all, more suitable for a domestic use. Its business success was immediate, and within a few years Marelli became one of the largest fan manufacturers in the world.
The “Flat” line , like the previous “Maestralino” line, still featured a cast iron body and solid wood blades, but it was much more linear, and clearly influenced by Art Deco. Flat was the most produced Marelli model, and it was sold between 1920’s and 1970’s in versions ranging from 36” (90cm) to 72” (180 cm), both 2 and 3-bladed. A proof of its unique quality is that it’s still possible to find that model efficiently working somewhere.


Model Country Year Blade nr. Diam. Power Weight
Flat 36" Italy 1925 3 90 cm 50 watts 7 kg
Flat 48" Italy 1925 3 120 cm 70 watts 9 kg
Flat LL 48" Italy 1925 3 120 cm 70 watts 9 kg
Flat 56" Italy 1925 3 140 cm 90 watts 12 kg
Flat 72" Italy 1925 2 180 cm 150 watts 16 kg

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